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Posted on : July 27, 2016, By:  Mike Saltaformaggio

If you are facing DUI (driving under the influence) charges, it is important to consult with attorneys who are experienced in handling DUI charges. Although being charged with DUI might seem like a light charge, it sometimes isn’t as simple as it seems. In fact, DUI cases fall under the criminal defense category; hence, the charges are serious.

Whether it is a first DUI offense or a repeat one, having good DUI defense lawyers represent you is a good idea because the penalties for DUI can be severe. Some of these penalties include fines, community service, jail time, probation, and the suspension of your driver’s license, among other charges. For anyone who does not have a criminal defense lawyer and is facing DUI charges, here are some tips to help find one.

Look For Criminal Defense Attorneys Where Charges Were Filed

If facing DUI charges for example in Jackson, Mississippi, then it is a good idea to find experienced DUI defense attorneys in the Jackson area, even if you are not from Mississippi. This is due to the fact that a local attorney is probably familiar with the law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and even the judges, which increases the chances of getting a positive outcome in a DUI case. If not a resident of the area where DUI charges were filed, it would be good to ask anyone you know in the area for recommendations. The next best alternate is to do an online search for DUI defense lawyers in that area, paying careful attention to any reviews that might be available online.

What is Their Experience?

Once you have made a list of any potential criminal defense attorneys, it is a good idea to find out what actual experience they have in DUI criminal defense. One easy way of finding out a lawyer’s experience is by asking questions such as how long they have been practicing law and their success rate in DUI-related cases. It is a given that the more experience and the higher the success rate a lawyer has, the better the chance of getting a positive outcome will be.

Trust is Important

While asking questions, try to get a general “feeling” of the potential criminal defense lawyer. Is he or she someone you feel can be trusted to represent you? Can you trust him/her with the truth surrounding the DUI charge? It is imperative to develop trust with any criminal defense attorney so that he or she can be your best representative against the DUI charges that were filed. The details of the DUI charges are important in helping any representing attorney build a strong defense, so trust this attorney with all the facts and details.


Before hiring criminal defense attorneys, ask how much it is going to cost to avoid being unable to pay for his or her services when the bill becomes due. Bear in mind that defending DUI charges can be expensive, so choose a lawyer who is highly credible yet affordable. Confirm exactly what is included for the figure that is quoted.

Having to face being charged with DUI is difficult enough. Help make the whole experience manageable by seeking an experienced and dedicated DUI defense attorney to handle your case!

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