Why You Need Representation For Medical Malpractice Issues

Posted on : May 27, 2016, By:  Mike Saltaformaggio

Let’s begin by pointing out an obvious fact: medical institutions are, for the most part, businesses. And they are extremely big businesses. This obvious fact is often forgotten around the time that someone dies, or is the victim of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, that is almost always when it should be remembered most. Medical malpractice attorneys focus on the facts that grieving families overlook.

When Something is Wrong

Medical malpractice is sometimes suspected when it is obvious; however, the sad reality is that doctors in hospitals often err and far too often. Of course, error is expensive; in the U.S., more ($45.6 billion) is spent on defense in malpractice cases than actual medical research ($45 billion). Because of this, it is important to remember that when someone dies in an ambulance or a hospital, there is at least some probability that someone made a mistake. From a personal standpoint, perhaps one can feel for a medical worker who made a mistake. Unfortunately, if that mistake ended up killing your child or spouse or another family member, then it is not a mistake that should not be forgotten.

The Ugly Reality of Modern Medicine

The truth is that many medical institutions are flush enough with cash that cost-saving techniques are often the opposite of life-saving techniques, yet there is a lot more cynicism than in the emergency room. Often doctors and staff are bound to dangerous policies that are, while saving the hospital money, putting patients at risk. Medical malpractice lawyers often are the first to discover the result of such dangerous policies, usually due to defending clients.

The unfortunate truth is that today’s modern corporate medical environment is one ripe for medical malpractice to occur; the recipient and victims of this environment are not limited to deaths and injured patients but doctors and staff whose hands are tied to saving these patients. Unfortunately, sometimes life and death choices aren’t being governed by the Hippocratic oath but by corporate boardrooms, which often have the interests of their shareholders in mind first, not their patients.

That is one of the reasons medical malpractice attorneys are often maligned by the healthcare industry – their work rips off the imaginary veneer of the classic “doctor-patient” relationship with doctors making house calls and always making the right decisions because of the patient. That reality has been gone for decades. The cold truth is that hospitals are huge businesses (after the Affordable Care Act, they’re now even bigger) and are accountable to their shareholders, not you. Your medical malpractice lawyer in these cases is the only one in your corner.

Why You Need To Seek Help

The healthcare industry is booming right now and so are medical malpractice cases. If you lose a loved one in a medical setting, you not only have the right to ask what happened, you have the right to confidentially talk to an attorney. Not only should you do so, you can safely be assured that records of every death or permanent injury that occurs will pass through a legal team.

Doesn’t it make sense for the family of the deceased to do the same? Don’t let your loved ones down if it’s the hospital’s fault they aren’t with you. Call a professional and talk about your concerns.

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