Motorcycle Accidents – How Do They Differ From Auto Accidents?

Posted on : October 29, 2016, By:  Mike Saltaformaggio

From the standpoint of the motorcycle operator, accidents while driving motorcycles are much different than auto accidents. The first obvious difference is that a motorcycle operator has only a helmet plus clothing as protection from any harm during an accident, whereas the driver of an automobile has the entire frame of the vehicle for protection.

As might be expected, there are more serious injuries and fatalities involving motorcycles than there are for automobiles, considering the ratio of accidents per vehicle category. Fortunately for motorcycle operators, any legal issues resulting from an accident can be handled by experienced motorcycle accident claims attorneys who are prepared to present a case in the best light to receive adequate compensation from the responsible automobile driver.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Motorcycle accidents are not caused by the same traffic factors that trigger automobile accidents, although obviously there are some similar themes involved. Here are the most common causes of accidents that involve motorcycles and autos and how to avoid or handle them:

  • Unexpected Left Turn – This is the #1 most common cause of motorcycle accidents and are unavoidable in most instances. To avoid serious injuries, try to anticipate what to do if it happens.
  • Unavoidable Patch of Gravel – Since this usually happens unexpected, it is best to travel at a speed that allows sufficient reaction time to prevent a more serious motorcycle accident and injuries.
  • Taking A Corner Too Fast – Since this is a judgment error type of motorcycle accident, it can easily be avoided by driving more cautiously.
  • Being Hit From Behind – When a car is rear-ended, physical damages and injuries are usually manageable. When a biker gets hit from behind, it can result in fatal injuries.
  • Fellow Rider Makes Traffic Mistake – When riding in a close-formation group, it doesn’t take much for one person to make a riding mistake that affects everyone else like dominoes falling.
  • Front Brakes Lock – This often happens when motorcycle drivers are shocked by a sudden traffic development, grab the hand brake, and often cause the bike to somersault. Acquiring the right motorcycle driving skills can be helpful to avoid this problem.
  • Unexpected Car Door Opening – Although usually unanticipated, this type of motorcycle accident can be prevented by avoiding one-lane roadways that allow parked cars along its sides.
  • Wet Pavement Conditions – Although wet or snowy driving conditions should be avoided, be sure motorcycle tires have good tread when unable to avoid such roadway conditions.
  • Under The Influence of Alcohol – In the largest survey ever conducted on motorcycle safety, it was found that 50% of all motorcycle accidents involved an operator under the influence of alcohol.

When Not At Fault

When wrongfully injured in a motorcycle accident, most motorcycle drivers are entitled to recover medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, damages to the motorcycle, and a settlement for any pain and suffering endured as a result of sustained injuries. Receiving such a settlement often requires the services of motorcycle accident claims attorneys who have years of experience handling motorcycle accident claims.

While settlement results can never be predicted or promised, experienced motorcycle accident claims attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation, collaborate with experts in the field of motorcycle accident reconstruction, and give personal attention to the case. Attention to detail and constant professionalism make these attorneys prepared to effectively and efficiently handle motorcycle accident claims.

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