The Importance of Representation For A Wrongful Death Case

Posted on : May 30, 2016, By:  Mike Saltaformaggio

When there is the chance that someone else was at fault in the death of a loved one, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney to take a look at the facts of the case. Wrongful death attorneys will get right to the heart of the matter when it comes to your case, identifying whether someone is potentially at fault in someone’s death. Contact a personal injury attorney when you want to be sure that nothing more could have been done to save the lives of those you care about. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to look into it.

Don’t Settle Quickly

Wrongful death lawyers are often wrongly seen as “ambulance chasing,” as though they were trying to benefit from an injured party. The reality is that the party who caused injury to a loved one is not usually injured at all. It means nothing to say “what a sad and tragic accident”, when a tragic accident caused by someone else killed a loved one. Often, there is a real case of irresponsibility on the part a responsible party in a wrongful death case.

Same Old Excuses

In personal injury cases, a lot of time the subject of examination – the party involved in the death of a loved one – is excellent at expressing sympathy. That said, expressions of sympathy often don’t jive with the facts at hand. Sympathetic pretenses are usually dropped the second questions of a settlement come up. If someone is liable for the death of your loved one, platitudes are not going to pay the costs associated with death nor the pain that you will inevitably deal with over the loss.

To apply this logic to the real world, if someone smashed their car into your house, would you feel terribly sympathetic over the thousands in repair costs if they simply said they were sorry and started towing their car out of the giant hole in your wall or garage? Of course not. Yet people often do this when they lose a loved one. The reality is that expressing sympathy to someone suffering over the psychological loss involved is a part of human empathy. Reality means that there are people willing to manipulate that sense of empathy. Attorneys who handle wrongful death claims see this all the time – and see right through it. It’s their job to be objective when grieving families can’t.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Wrongful death lawyers know that sometimes legitimate accidents happen, which is why they know precisely where to look when it comes to deaths and potential liabilities. Too often we hear the phrase, “accidents happen,” and that’s true; what is also true is that accidents can usually be avoided.

Don’t be satisfied with “accident” explanations – call experienced personal injury lawyers to make sure. After all, you are the one that lost a loved one, not the other way around. Make the choice to fight for yourself by asking an attorney experienced in wrongful death claims to fight for you.

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