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Let’s face it, at some point in our lives, our friends and loved ones may have to be admitted to a nursing home to get the care they require.  When they are admitted, we assume that the doctors, nurses, techs, and aides who are employed by the nursing home facility will do what is necessary to provide appropriate and compassionate care.  As you may have discovered, this isn’t always the case.  In some instances, because of a nursing home’s negligence, our loved ones suffer from one or more of the following, which means it’s time to contact your Jackson Mississippi Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys:


These painful sores are created by the patient not being turned appropriately throughout the day.  If not prevented or treated, they can oftentimes lead to debilitating health conditions and sometimes much worse.


As hard as it is to believe, one of the chief complaints nursing homes face is that their negligent care and treatment can cause our loved ones to suffer from malnutrition and/or dehydration.  These conditions, while bad enough themselves, can also aggravate various other medical conditions from which our loved ones suffer.


As we age, our bodies become more brittle, and therefore more susceptible to injury.  When a patient at a nursing home falls because of a dangerous condition, or is dropped due to the careless behavior of an attendant, the resulting injury can be painful and traumatic.

‘Maggio Thompson, LLP is here to help.  In the event you suspect that a friend or loved one has experienced any of the three issues listed above, get legal help by dialing the 3s to set up a free consultation with an experienced nursing home attorney.


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