Social Security Disability

When disability prevents Mississippi workers such as yourself from working on the job, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. However, do be aware that many applicants often face an uphill battle when trying to obtain these critically important benefits. If your medical condition is terminal or is expected to last more than one year, know you are entitled to these benefits. But, without the help of an attorney, it takes far too long to receive these funds.

Federal bureaucracy, application denials and application delays prevent the injured from receiving the funds a Mississippi family needs to have financial support when work is not possible. A Mississippi social security disability attorney helps injured Mississippians cut through the bureaucratic tape to get Mississippi families the financial support they need. Talk to a Mississippi social security disability lawyer to begin the process of receiving these benefits. if your medical condition is terminal or is expected to last more than one year.


The Unfortunate Reality of SSDI Application Denials

Take one look and the data of SSDI application outcomes, and the high rate of denials can be disheartening. An analysis of the numbers reveals that the Social Security Administration (SSA) approves approximately 1 out of every four SSDI applications. Additionally, approximately half of all applications are ultimately approved, and this number includes approvals during the reconsideration and appeal phases of the application process. Simply put, SSDI application approval is notoriously difficult.

The SSA is legally permitted to deny an application for both technical reasons and medical reasons. A technical denial is issued to applicants who earn more money than is permitted under the substantial gainful employment limit. This limit is used to deny applications of those who are still physically able to engage in substantially gainful activity that leads to income. Other technical denial reasons include failing to qualify for the SSDI program and benefits due to a lack of recent work history or a lack of years worked.

Medical denials are also issued if the medical condition is not likely to last for longer than one year and the condition is not terminal. Further, if the medical condition at issue does not meet the SSA’s definition of a disability, then the application may be denied as well.


SSA Disability Definition

To qualify for SSDI benefits, the SSA disability definition must be met. The SSA definition states that qualifying for SSDI requires:

  • That the applicant is not engaged in substantial gainful activity
  • That the applicant’s inability to work is caused by medically-determinable physical or mental impairment
  • That the applicant’s condition is expected to last for at least 1 year or will result in death

A social security disability lawyer in Jackson, MS will be able to tell you whether your condition and SSDI application meets this standard.


Getting Past the Hurdles of SSDI Approval

At Maggio Thompson, LLP our team of Mississippi social security disability lawyers use our experience to give you the best chance of having your application approved on the first attempt. If your application is denied for any reason, our attorneys will promptly pursue all appeal options until your family receives the SSDI benefits it needs. If necessary, we will file a federal lawsuit on your behalf if you have been wrongfully denied benefits that you are entitled to receive under federal law.

Contact our team to speak with a social security disability attorney in Jackson, MS who will guide you through each stage of qualifying for SSDI benefits.