Recovering Damages After Your MS Trucking Accident

Apr 21 2017

The enormous size and weight of commercial trucks coupled with their inability to stop quickly or engage in evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision, make truck accidents among the most devastating kind of accidents on our roads today.

Collisions involving 18 wheelers, semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and other large commercial vehicles with passenger cars have a high potential for causing serious personal injury, or even worse it may lead to the death of passengers or the driver of the car involved. If these traffic accidents are caused directly by the negligence of a commercial vehicle driver or their company employers, they must be held liable for the damages they have caused to you and your family.

If you have been involved in an cccident with a commercial vehicle, call the Jackson MS Truck Accident Attorneys at ‘Maggio|Thompson 601-300-3333 for immediate help.

Involved in a Trucking Accident?

Most of the time the occupants in the smaller vehicle will be the once affect the worst. The number of injuries and fatalities caused by these large commercial trucks have caused plenty of concern for government safety agencies. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, but despite these regulations and long training that trucking companies require for their drivers, some truckers still fall short of adhering to practice safe driving. Should a trucker break any of these or other traffic laws, and there is evidence of negligence, victims may have a strong case and should call Jackson Truck Accident Attorneys immediately.

Who is Liable in a Trucking Accident?

In most traffic accident cases, the driver who caused the accident is the one the other victims will sue, that’s when you should call the Truck Accident Attorneys at ‘Maggio|Thompson. Most of the time in these incidents, the driver and his/her insurance company will have to pay for the damages. With Commercial Vehicle Accident cases however, the trucking company may have larger insurance policies and more money than the individual driver. The trucking company may be the responsible party as a result of its own negligence or simply because the driver was working for them.

Additionally there could be other parties held liable, possibly the company that owned the cargo and the company that maintained the truck. If it can be proven that a defective truck part was to blame for the accident, it would be plausible to pursue a lawsuit against its manufacturer or distributor of such part.

Settlements outside the court for Truck Accident Cases

It happens quite frequently that the defendants involved in a Mississipi Truck Accident case may not want to see this case going to court. Should this be the case, out-of-court negotiations for a settlement to get what you deserve in damages would take place. Before you should ever consider a settlement, it is important to seek legal counsel and representation.

The other parties involved such as insurance companies look out for their own best interests and their bottom lines, not yours. You need a strong advocate with experience in these matters. Our Truck Accident Attorneys know the laws and will get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Truck Accident Compensation

In cases where individuals were killed in an accident involving a Semi Truck, 18 Wheeler or a Tractor Trailer, surviving family members may also be entitled to compensation in the form of wrongful death damages. These should include payment for funeral costs, lost financial support that the deceased victim would have provided if he or she had lived, and loss of companionship.

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