You’re cleared to work – should you go back to your former job site?

Oct 30 2019

Were you injured in the workplace? Have you already filled out a workers’ compensation claim and gone through treatment? If so, you might be feeling great about the potential of returning to work promptly.  Through conversations with your employer, however, doubts may arise about your future with the company. That can be stressful for you. …

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Do’s and don’ts for workers’ compensation: the doctor’s office

Oct 15 2019

When it comes to workers’ compensation, anything you divulge to an attending physician has the power to help or hurt your case. When visiting a doctor or seeking treatment, there are some critical do’s and don’ts you should remember:  DON’T do the following:  DON’T exaggerate the amount of pain you’re in or the symptoms you’re…

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Sharing is caring: how to share the road with an 18-wheeler

Sep 30 2019

Driving along the highway or interstate might feel like second nature to you. When sharing the road with a large truck, however, drivers can’t be too careful. Why? Because fatalities are more likely to occur within the passenger vehicle.  Cars and other passenger vehicles are simply too vulnerable.  That said, there are many ways you…

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What questions will an auto accident attorney ask about your case?

Sep 15 2019

At ‘Maggio | Thompson, LLP, we receive countless questions about auto and trucking accidents. We’ve compiled many of those questions and answers into blog posts for our clients’ convenience. We know that the time after a crash is precious. You might feel overwhelmed at the next steps, especially if medical treatment is involved.  One thing…

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Who pays medical bills after a car accident?

Aug 28 2019

Safety and well being are of utmost importance after a car accident. After all, what do you have if you don’t have your health? That’s why it’s critical to receive medical attention in the moments directly following a car accident. That said, once the dust settles on your accident, you will start to see medical…

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Common questions: when to hire an attorney after a car accident

Aug 15 2019

Should I get an attorney after a car accident? This question comes up frequently when dealing with motorists across Mississippi: when exactly should I contact an attorney if I’ve had a car accident? The answer, like many legal answers, is this: it depends. Several elements may factor into your decision as to whether or not…

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