Who pays medical bills after a car accident?

Aug 28 2019

Safety and well being are of utmost importance after a car accident. After all, what do you have if you don’t have your health? That’s why it’s critical to receive medical attention in the moments directly following a car accident. That said, once the dust settles on your accident, you will start to see medical…

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Common questions: when to hire an attorney after a car accident

Aug 15 2019

Should I get an attorney after a car accident? This question comes up frequently when dealing with motorists across Mississippi: when exactly should I contact an attorney if I’ve had a car accident? The answer, like many legal answers, is this: it depends. Several elements may factor into your decision as to whether or not…

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Who pays your medical bills after a slip and fall?

Aug 01 2019

In the blink of an eye, a severe slip and fall accident can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. Though it isn’t your fault, you may feel overwhelmed at the unexpected healthcare costs as a result of your sudden injury. Who pays the medical bills in a slip and fall case? What is…

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Do the numbers stack up? How much slip and fall cases are worth

Jul 20 2019

If you slipped or tripped and fell on someone else’s property, you have a steep road ahead of you. Slip and fall cases can be incredibly challenging to win, and they often rely on the expertise of experienced attorneys as well as collected evidence and witnesses at the scene when the accident occurred. That said,…

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mike saltaforMaggio image

Attorney Spotlight | Jackson MS Personal Injury Attorney Mike Saltaformaggio

Jul 13 2019

Get To Know Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney MIke Saltaformaggio (video transcription) Introduction My name is Mike Saltaformaggio, I am the managing partner of ”Maggio | Thompson personal injury law firm located here in Jackson, Mississippi. I grew up in Louisiana, did my undergraduate work at LSU, then went to Mississippi College School of Law and…

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It’s a slippery slope: how slip and fall cases are won (or lost)

Jul 01 2019

Have you ever been injured on someone else’s property by tripping or slipping and falling to the ground? If so, you might be eligible to receive compensation. Slip/trip and fall cases are also known as premises liability cases, which is technically a broader category of these types of cases. Even for something as small as…

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