Tricked? You are not alone. Volkswagen hides dirty “little” secret.

Nov 02 2015

Mississippi owners of alleged “Clean Diesel” Volkswagens, Audis, and now Porsches recently discovered manufacturer’s giant secret – they aren’t so clean.  Lawsuits have now been filed across the country, alleging  loss of value, inability to market and sell these values, and claims that engines emit as much as 40 times the legal limits of nitrogen oxide.  This has become a giant secret, and a dirty one.  Projections estimate that thousands of vehicles were equipped with this illegal and fraudulent software.  Exact models affected include: Jetta, 2009-2015; Jetta Sportwagen, 2009-2014; Beetle, 2012-2015; Passat, 2012-2015, Golf Sportwagen, Golf, Audi A3, 2010-2015, among others.  Another bombshell came today, as the New York times reported that high-end Porsches may also be involved.

Consumers now face a new reality; what to do?  First, there is nothing that will prevent you from driving the vehicle, at least for now.  The costs to fix the vehicle are estimated to be in the thousands, so a wait and see approach may be the best bet. Determining whether you qualify for a Volkswagen lawsuit will likely need to be your next step, and the only logical one.

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