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How To Know You’re Entitled To Compensation For A Car Accident In Mississippi

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Being a victim of a car accident means spending huge amounts of money on medical bills. On average, people who suffer car crash injuries spend approximately $15,000 to cater for medical care. Further, you may experience long-term physical disability, loss of income, and psychological trauma. In the worst automobile crashes, a wrongful death can happen.

It is unfair to shoulder the responsibility of auto crash-related healthcare if a negligent motorist caused the unfortunate incident. Our Mississippi personal injury attorneys can help to determine if you deserve any compensation.

You are not the at-fault party

When the accident occurs because of the victim’s careless driving, the chances of winning compensation are quite slim. Personal injury awards go to the people who suffer injuries because of another person’s dangerous driving or negligence. You will need proof that the crash resulted from the acts of omission or commission of another driver. To successful pursue the compensation claim, you require the following evidence:

  • Sufficient proof that you did not cause the accident.
  • Witness statements from the residents who
  • Photographs of the accident scene, car damages, and bodily harm.
  • Your detailed report of the events before the vehicle accident.
  • The documents from healthcare providers outlining physical, mental, or emotional harm.

What about when you and another driver contribute to the car crash?

In Mississippi, courts can revert to the “pure comparative negligence” regulations. The two motorists can file for compensation. You may get a reduced settlement, whose percentage relates to your fault in the accident.

Evidence that Somebody Else caused the Auto Accident

You have the right to a car accident personal injury compensation when your suffering arises from the carelessness of another motorist. Car accident lawyers in Mississippi may help to prove that you were not the careless or distracted motorist and your injuries relate to the accident. The out-of-court settlement team or the magistrate court will most likely favor you if you prove the two facts.

A Passenger in a Mississippi Car Crash

Can a passenger in a vehicle that gets involved in an accident claim compensation?

A pedestrian, passenger, or property owner who incurs harm can file for a settlement. The basic rule is that the litigant must show that the driver was negligent. Also, the damages must have a link with the actions of the at-the-fault motorist in the ways below:

  • Drink and drive or intoxicated motorist
  • A distracted driver smoking while on the steering wheel, reading newspapers or magazines, adjusting the safety belt, use of cell phone, waving, or operating the car electronic devices.

The 3-Year Limit for Mississippi Vehicle Accidents

In Mississippi, the “statutes of limitations”, states that you cannot file a car accident civil lawsuit after a three-year period. Mississippi residents who suffer automobile accident injuries are likely to lose the claim after the three-year window.

Legal Advice from Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyers

When you are not sure whether you deserve car accident compensation, ask our experienced team for guidance. We can help with cases linked to auto accidents arising from hazardous roads and wrongful death. Call our car accident compensation claims attorneys on (601) 265-6869 now.

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