Why Properly Investigating A Truck Accident Is Critical

Significance of Proper Truck Accident Investigation

Accidents involving trucks can be complicated if you do not have a good personal injury attorney to put up a strong case against a trucking company. Most trucking firms understand what it means for a truck to get involved in a road accident; hence, they invest a lot in defending accident claims involving their trucks.

Therefore, if you are a victim of a truck accident, you need to have sufficient evidence to successfully convince the court of law that you deserve compensation. Failure to have enough evidence weakens your case, leading to lack of compensation. Thus, proper investigation following a truck accident is essential for winning your case. A thorough truck accident investigation helps to dig deeper into the facts of the accident, leading to discovery of the following information:

Driver Log Violation

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA rules, each truck driver should log into his driving time through 49 CFR § 395.8. The rules require the driver to list each stop made while on his the journey. All these things can be done through electronic means. The rules play a major role in minimizing driver fatigue, which is one of the major causes of trucking accidents. Therefore, driver log analysis may reveal if the rules were violated, and if such a violation led to the accident.

Physical Evidence

In an effort to suppress evidence, the trucking company can move swiftly to remove the truck from the crime scene. If you have a good attorney who knows how to conduct a proper truck accident investigation, this is the time he should act quickly. The attorney can be able to send a professional investigator or accident reconstruction expert to gather evidence from the scene, including taking photos of the truck and crime scene, and taking measurements. The photos are crucial because they reveal how much physical damage occurred as a result of the accident and the impact of the accident. If the accident was serious, the photos would clearly show its impact.

Driver Profile

When hiring truck drivers, trucking companies must ensure that they recruit the right staff. The drivers must have a Commercial Driver’s License and should not have a bad history. Although the companies should keep the records their drivers, some of them ignore this simple yet crucial requirement. Therefore, obtaining information about the trucker’s qualifications, complaint history, substance testing results, and background check results is crucial when conducting the investigation following the accident. A good lawyer should be keen on requesting for this information during the investigation.

A thorough trucking accident investigation enhances your chances of full compensation for damages or injury. To ensure proper investigation, you need the help of a competent personal injury attorney. ‘Maggio | Thompson, LLP is a personal law Injury firm with an aim of helping the people of Mississippi who sustain injuries or incur damages related to work, accidents, and car wreck. The firm boasts a team of experienced personal injuries attorneys who can help you in conducting a thorough investigation following your accident to ensure full compensation. For more information about the firm, visit our website: www.mtlawms.com.