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Tips for Safe Driving in Mississippi: iPhone Distracted Driving Mode

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Anyone with a newer iPhone can attest to the fact Apple is working hard to help keep the roads safe. The new Do Not Disturb mode is one of the most spectacular features the phone has to offer, and many people have no idea it even exists. If your Apple iPhone runs on the iOS 11, you have this option. The purpose is to keep your phone from alerting you of any income text messages or other notifications while you’re driving.

The assumption is your phone is connected to your vehicle through your Bluetooth settings, so your phone is aware of when you’re driving and where you’re going. It sends the phone a notification you’re in the car, and it allows you turn on this mode. If someone sends you a text message, the phone automatically responds with a pre-empted message about responding later as you’re currently in the car. This allows your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else who needs you that you’re not ignoring them, but you are working on being safe.

How to Use This Mode

The way to turn on your Do Not Disturb mode in the car is simple.

– Settings

– Control center

– Customize controls

– Click the button next to Do Not Disturb While Driving

Once you activate this mode, you’re able to focus on your driving and not what’s going on in the car. You can also notify your phone yourself if you choose to forgo syncing your phone to your car or your car doesn’t offer that feature. The way to do this is to swipe your screen up and click on the vehicle icon to enable and disable this mode.

Customizing This Option

If you do decide you want to activate this mode, there are a few ways to customize this mode. Your friends and family automatically receive an automated reply when you’re driving. You can set it up, however, so they can reply to that automated reply with one word, “urgent” to have a text sent right to you so you’re able to get important information right away.

If you already use your standard Do Not Disturb feature, you’re going to love knowing this function works very much like that. You can customize it so only certain people are able to call or message you. For example, if your kids are at practice or away from home or at school, you might not want their calls or texts to wait. You can set your phone to customize who can always reach you no matter your settings.

If you’re not using this feature on your iPhone yet, it’s time to start using it. It’s going to help you stay safe on the road, which is a big deal when you’re not able to focus on the things you need to focus on if you’re distracted easily. There is no text or call so important it’s worth risking your life. Pull over safely, and only then should you focus on answering your calls and texts as they come in.

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