Document these Critical Details after a Slip/Trip and Fall Accident

A slip-and-fall accident is a serious matter that may just entitle you to collect a lump sum distribution for your pain. However, you have to have the right documentation and details so that you can go to a personal injury attorney correctly. The following is a list of some things that you will have to write down, notate or capture if you ever get into a slip-and-fall situation.

  1. Time and Date of the Incident

The first thing you need to write down and document is the time and date of the incident. Those are two crucial pieces of the puzzle that your attorney will need to have. You need to be as precise as possible so that there will not be any discrepancies.

  1. Your Recollection of the Incident

It’s a good idea for you to write down your own recollection of the incident. Facts and information can change in your memory as time passes, and your court date may not be for a while. Thus, you should write an immediate account of everything that happened that day while it’s fresh. It will be invaluable.

  1. Witness Contact Information

A witness can be so important to your case and getting restitution for what happened to you that you have to get that person’s information. Write down that person’s name and contact number so that your attorney can talk to her about what she saw. She may just be the person who causes the judge to rule in your favor.

  1. Property Conditions

Jot down all the property conditions that you can remember were apparent before you fell down and hurt yourself. You should write down even the information that you don’t believe is relevant because it may just be something that the attorney needs to use in the negotiations. You will need to notate if you noticed any dangerous situations. You’ll need to write down if any parts of the building looked corroded or sturdy. Take note of what the floor looked like before you fell on it. All of that information can help your lawyer to fend for you and perhaps get the other party to settle out of court. Even if the other party doesn’t settle out of court, the information will help your case.

  1. Clothing Details

You will need to write down some details about the clothing you were wearing when the incident occurred. The reasons for that is that the other party could argue that the slip and the fall were your fault if you don’t protect yourself by keeping note of your clothing. That party could try to say that you were wearing shoes that were not suitable for the floor. Of course, that accusation may not hold water, but it’s still best for you to prepare yourself for if you have to stand in front of a judge.

You can schedule an appointment with the attorney today to discuss your case if you have slipped and fallen. He will help you to get the compensation you deserve to pay your medical bills.