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5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Claim from Social Media Harm

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Whenever you are involved in an accident and you have filed a personal injury claim, there are a few ways to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible without interruptions or receiving a denial letter. With the advent of social media, negative consequences for public posts are becoming commonplace in the professional, educational, and legal world. When you want to avoid the possibility of getting denied for your personal injury claim, there are a few ways to protect yourself if you use social media on a regular basis.

Speak Directly to a Professional Attorney

Immediately after you are injured it is essential to speak directly to a professional attorney who works with personal injury claims. A professional attorney is capable of guiding you in the proper direction to help avoid social media harm and any other risks that you may take that disqualify you from processing your claim.

Avoid Telling Others About Your Personal Injury Claim

Avoid telling others about your personal injury claim, especially if they are more likely to share information with friends of their own or when using their social media pages. Keep your personal injury story to yourself to avoid finding updates attached to you or details regarding your case shared online, as the can quickly stop you from going any further with your claim.

Remove Potentially Harmful Content on Your Social Media Accounts

Before filing a personal injury claim it is highly advisable to remove potentially harmful content you may have shared in the past from your social media accounts. Remove any posts relevant to the injury you have sustained as well as comments or other input related to your injury or the accident you were involved in. Even if you have received comments and inquiries from friends, it is best to remove it from your social media pages altogether until your personal injury claim has been successfully processed.

Update Your Social Media Profile’s Privacy Settings

Update the privacy settings of all of your social media accounts to share your published content only with friends. Avoid allowing strangers and users who are not your friends from posting on your account or leaving comments on your page when you are involved with a large personal injury claim.

Keep Updates to a Minimum

When you are waiting for a personal injury claim to process it is important to keep social media updates to a minimum. Depending on what your injury is, sharing updates that you are always out or not physically impacted by your injury may ultimately hurt or negatively impact your case. Ask a professional attorney for advice regarding the type of updates you should limit yourself to based on the details of your case.

Protecting yourself and any personal injury claim you have filed from social media harm only requires a bit of planning and helps to avoid potentially devastating situations and consequences. When you need professional legal representation for a personal injury incident you were involved in, visit to learn more about our attorneys and to request a consultation today.

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