Why Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Could Be Denied?

We can only imagine the disappointment that you feel about getting hurt at work and then having your claim for workers’ compensation benefits rejected. The rejection could have happened for several reasons up to and including:

Poor Timing

Many workers’ comp claims receive a swift denial because the employer or responsible party failed to file the claim on time. An injured person is supposed to let his employer know of a work-related injury immediately, and many times, the supervisor must then file the claim to the appropriate entity right away. Failure to do so causes claims to receive rejections from the insurance company. An injured person must be proactive by staying on top of the process or hiring an attorney to help with it from the beginning.

Incomplete Doctor’s Notes

Incomplete or unsupportive doctor’s notes are another reason that claims sometimes receive a denial. The doctor has to write in the notes that the injured person was too ill to work. He has to provide a complete and accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan and an estimated return to work date for the insurance company to approve a claim. If the medical professional does not support the case, then it will be tough for the person to get an approval for the money for their work injury. Many claimants receive denials because of this, but there is hope for such people.

Employer Interference

The employer is another entity that sometimes becomes a problem for the claim. The employer can throw a monkey wrench in the claim by denying that the accident happened or minimizing the impact that the accident had on the injured person. A situation like that can only be resolved by solid legal representation by someone who is going to question the employer as well as anyone else who may have seen the accident occur. It’s not wise for an injured party to go into a claim without having a reputable attorney by his side.

Insufficient Evidence of Injury Origin

A worker’s compensation claim only pays for injuries that happen at work. Therefore, if there is any reason for the insurance company to believe that the incident did not happen at work, it will do so. There is only one way to fight this, and that is by hiring an honorable workers’ compensation attorney who has experience and a proven track record of success. This person can fight for you and make sure that you get the money you deserve for your injuries so that you can recover and then get back to work with strength and stamina.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there is something that you can do now if you feel as though your claim received an unjust denial. Contact 'Maggio | Thompson attorneys to represent you on this matter. The attorneys at this firm know how to get results by putting some pressure on the insurance companies and the employers. Dial (601) 265-6869 to get the help you need to have your case decision overturned.