Three Most Common Questions Clients Have About Slip and Fall Cases

No matter if you’ve slipped on ice, missed a step on a staircase with no handrail or twisted your knee trying to catch yourself after tripping over some loose carpet, an accident is never something for which you plan.

Once a slip/trip and fall incident occurs, however, the next steps you take could mean the difference between receiving compensation for your claims or dealing with the resulting injuries out of your pocket. 

That said, many of our clients or potential clients often have the same questions when it comes to slip and fall accidents. 

  1. How long do you have to go to the doctor after a slip/trip and fall accident? 
  2. When should I report a slip and fall incident? 
  3. I injured myself on someone else’s property: do I have a case? 

We’ve taken steps to address each question below, but if you still have questions, contact us today for an assessment. 

When to see a doctor after a slip and fall accident

One of the first things you should do after a slip, trip, or fall on someone else’s property is to seek medical attention immediately. Not only are you likely in need of medical services, but it is an essential element of any case. You must have a medical professional document the injuries you sustained, thereby creating an expert-level record that will be useful in determining fault as well as the timing of the injury.  

We’ve found that many times our clients’ injuries are dismissed, with the defense claiming that an injury occurred at a different time or location. Having a medical record of your injury is an important step in our strategy to defend you and make sure you receive the compensation to which you’re entitled. 

Plus, the full extent of your injury may not be apparent immediately after the incident. That’s why an examination by a doctor is essential: you may need more help than you realize! 

How long do I have before I have to report a slip and fall incident?

Another vital element to slip and fall cases is the timeliness of reporting and filing a claim. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have alerted a property owner or proprietor to the fact that you’ve sustained an injury. However, once you do, be careful what you say and do not admit fault. Once the extent of your injuries is documented by a medical professional, as stated above, it is wise to file an official report with the help of an attorney. 

Each state is different, and in Mississippi, the statute of limitations is three years. Your claim must be filed within that window to have any case at all. Otherwise, your case could be dismissed entirely by a court, and you will walk away empty-handed. 

I’ve fallen and injured myself: do I have a case? 

In most cases, you have to be able to prove that there was a dangerous or hazardous condition present at the time of the injury. In addition to that, you must also show that the owner of the property was not only aware of the danger but that they also failed to warn visitors of the hazard adequately. Otherwise, you could inadvertently be seen as careless, which adds insult to injury! 

To determine whether or not the property owner was at fault, it must be clear that the owner either created or knew about the condition, neglected to address the dangerous element, or that the owner should have had knowledge of the hazard in ample time to correct the issue before your injury occurred. 

As you can imagine, these types of cases require significant strategy. Don’t try to handle this on your own. If you think you may have a case, be sure to contact us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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