No Time Like The Present: When To Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney

The question of whether or not to hire an attorney is one we hear often, and the answers we give can often depend on the severity of the injury or other factors about a particular workers’ compensation case. According to the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, “workers’ compensation is essentially a no-fault insurance plan mandated by State law, supervised by the Workers’ Compensation Commission and paid for entirely by employers.” The phrase “no-fault” is typically used when there is an insurance payout regardless of which party was at fault when the accident occurred.

Overall, you would probably not need the services of an attorney if your injury was minor, if the employer admits fault or if you didn’t miss any work due to your injury. If your situation is any more complicated than that, however, we recommend that you call us immediately for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose.

The best time to hire an attorney is NOW, if…

  • If your employer has denied any aspect of the injury or is challenging to work within any capacity, it’s a good idea to get an attorney on board right away. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims get denied all the time, so we hear from clients who have gone through the experience of having their application denied before contacting us. Many wish they had done so sooner; say, in the hours immediately after their accident, which is recommended. Still, some workers give up on a claim when they face any kind of resistance or difficulty, which is what many insurance claims representatives want you to do.
  • Your settlement offer doesn’t cover all lost wages or pay for your medical bills associated with the injury. Don’t leave the money on the table that you deserve. As long as it’s not completely unfair, many judges will sign-off on agreements. That doesn’t mean the result is fair to you or covers all of your expenses or lost wages. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can ensure that you get every penny to which you’re entitled.
  • You cannot realistically return to your prior place of employment or job. If you are still recovering or can no longer do what you used to do for work, it’s likely you’ve suffered a permanent disability. This means that you may be entitled to weekly or lump sum payments to make up for any wages that you can no longer earn. Lost wages can end up being very expensive for insurance companies, so they’ll fight fiercely to avoid paying. It is also likely that you cannot return because you fear retaliation from your boss or other employees. An experienced attorney can help you navigate these difficult scenarios.

Experienced ‘Maggio & Thompson attorneys have the ferocity needed to manage even the most difficult workers’ compensation cases. However, even if you feel that your case isn’t that serious, it never hurts to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. It’s crucial that you receive everything you are entitled to, and a consultation with us is free — so you have nothing to lose.

Keep this article handy if injuries seem to be common in your workplace or for your industry, and please share it if you know someone who has recently been injured on the job. We’re happy to speak with them.

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