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Stay Safe Mississippi! 5 Tips to Help You Avoid an Accident With an 18-Wheeler

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Fact of the day: commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. When moving at speeds of up to 75mph, big-rigs can be downright deadly. Because of their size and weight, commercial trucks can also be difficult to control.

Whether you pass trucks on the highway during your daily commute or are going on a summer road trip, you should know that trucking crashes happen frequently, and they can result in severe injuries or death.

According to the US Department of Transportation, from 2016-2017, there was a 10% increase in the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes. Many of these happened east of the Mississippi River.

That said, passenger vehicles and those in them can keep themselves safe by giving 18-wheelers more room and remembering these 5 things:  

What to be aware of when driving near 18-wheelers

  1. Drowsy driving. Ensure your safety, and that of others, by paying attention to the signs of a tired driver, including seeing them drift from or into other lanes or hitting the shoulder rumble strip. 
  2. Tire blowouts. With little to no warning, a truck’s tires can give out. This can cause them to swerve unexpectedly. It’s important to give yourself some space from 18-wheelers in case this occurs. 
  3. Wind. High winds can actually make it more difficult for truck drivers to control their heavy vehicles. Be aware of weather patterns near you and understand when and where high-winds can make driving 18-wheelers more difficult. 
  4. Blind spots. 18-wheelers are notorious for their enormous blind spots. Even though every car has one, blind spots for trucks can be dangerous. When passing a truck, move quickly and safely and ensure you can see the driver’s mirrors. 
  5. Wide turns. Because of their massive size, trucks can often make full, wide turns. More often than not, a driver can unsuspectingly get caught in one of the trucks turns, and an accident can occur. Stay safe by slowing down and paying attention to commercial vehicles that may be making a turn around you.

Know someone going on a trip soon? Share this with them to help them keep their family safe as well.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an 18-wheeler accident, it’s important to remember that these trucking companies have a team of investigators who work tirelessly to help the company avoid having to compensate you, the victim. This is why having a team on your side with experience in handling 18-wheel accidents is crucial and getting this team working for you as soon as possible can make or break your case.

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