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These Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Mississippi

Country road on a sunny day going into a curve with a turn sign on the side of the road

Determining the most dangerous roads in a given state is not always a simple task. Oftentimes, researchers must dig through mountains of data in order to discover the specific roads where most fatalities take place.

The information presented here has been retrieved from the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Keep reading to learn about the most dangerous roads in Mississippi.

Dangerous Mississippi Highways


Interstate 55 is one of the most heavily-trafficked interstates in northwest Mississippi. This highway has earned a reputation for being a place where an inequitable number of accidents occur.

This road claims almost one life for every mile. This north-to-south interstate is dangerous in large part due to its condition.


Interstate 20 runs right through the middle of Mississippi. This highway is a lot more winding and narrow than many other local interstates. Since the foliage growing in many sections of the highway’s meridian is very thick, you almost can’t see oncoming traffic at all.

A significant portion of the accidents that occur on I-20 involve tractor-trailers. There are roughly 0.66 deaths per mile on the part of the interstate that runs through Mississippi.


Interstate 59 is a dominant road in accessing Mississippi’s agricultural regions. One of the most dangerous areas of this road is the acute S-shaped turn near mile marker 96. Even though the speed limit is reduced to 40 miles per hour on this stretch of the highway, many people still choose to drive too fast for the road’s proverbial curves. On this road, fatalities occur at a rate of 0.55 per mile.

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