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Always See a Doctor Immediately After a Car Crash

If you’re involved in a car accident and you don’t feel pain right away, you may wonder whether you need to bother going to the doctor. Read on to learn why it’s always a good idea to see a doctor after a car accident—even if you don’t feel pain.

Your Body Goes Into Shock Following a Crash

When your body endures trauma, the natural physical response is to go into shock. When this happens, your body releases extra adrenaline to try to cope with the trauma. If you’re injured, this can often result in the absence of pain.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s so crucial to seek medical care following a car accident, even if you don’t feel hurt. Your body could be protecting you from the pain in order to allow you the capacity to deal with the immediate trauma from the accident.

Closed head and spinal cord injuries sometimes don’t present themselves right away, but they can have serious consequences if left untreated.

Medical Documentation is Important

When you file an insurance claim for the accident, it’s wise to present the insurance company with medical documentation that shows you did your due diligence after the accident.

If you don’t see a doctor after the crash and then try to recoup losses for medical expenses later on down the line, it’ll be harder for you to prove that the accident truly caused your injury.

Do yourself a favor and seek medical care if you’re in a car accident.

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