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How Do I Know If I Have a Defective Medical Device?

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If you have a defective medical device, it can cause you significant problems. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes when they are experiencing issues with a medical device. Far too often, a defective medical device can cause significant harm.

Knowing some of the symptoms you can look for can help you identify if the medical device is in fact defective. Below, we’ll detail some of those symptoms, so you can protect yourself moving forward.

Stiffness and Swelling

Defective medical devices – such as a knee replacement or hip replacement – can cause significant swelling in the area where the device exists. You may also lose mobility because of stiffness in the area, making it painful whenever you try to extend your joints.

Severe Pain

You may experience significant pain in the area where the device is located. For instance, if you have a Paragard IUD that breaks inside your uterus, you may experience pain in the vicinity of your reproductive organs. If you have a knee or hip replacement, a defective medical device can cause pain in that area.


Unfortunately, anything that has been put in your body can be potentially harmful. Some situations can cause infection, damaging your internal organs, or leading to other problems. An infection can be life-threatening if not treated in a timely manner.

If you experience any symptoms associated with a defective medical device, make sure you seek medical care as quickly as possible. A doctor may need to perform revision surgery to remove the defective medical device from your body. The revision surgery can be painful and significantly decrease your quality of life.

Our Jackson defective medical device attorneys at 'MAGGIO LAW are committed to helping you understand your rights and options. Trust that we’ll give you a voice against negligent manufacturers and pursue compensation when you need it most. It’s our priority to safeguard you through the complex legal matters moving forward.

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