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What Do Insurance Adjusters Do to Minimize Claims?

When you file a claim, you seek compensation from large companies that primarily focus on profits instead of taking care of claimants. As such, they may try to minimize your claim when you file. It’s vital to know how insurance adjusters may try to minimize how much they pay you or deny your claim altogether.

Record Statements

We encourage you to contact a law firm before dealing with insurance adjusters — and this is just one of the reasons for it. Insurance adjusters want to record conversations, hoping that you will say something that they can use against you. When insurance adjusters request a recorded conversation, you can let them know you want your legal team to be present first.

Delay Claims

Insurance adjusters may try to delay your claim, slowing down their investigation into the crash. Part of the reason insurance adjusters delay claims is because they want you to accept whatever settlement they offer. Therefore, they may hope that you need the money enough to accept whatever.

Act Friendly

Insurance adjusters may tell you many things they want you to hear, even if it’s not always true. They act friendly and empathize with your situation, but they still prioritize profits over your well-being. These trained professionals do everything they can with the best interests of insurance companies in mind.

Devalue Losses

Insurance companies may also try to devalue your losses. For instance, if a mechanic gives you an estimate for your property damage. However, insurance adjusters may try to provide a lower estimate to try and save money.

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