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man with a neck injury after a car accident

What are the Most Common Injuries in a Car Accident?

In a negligence-related accident, you can suffer significant injuries that lead to long-term problems. Unfortunately, car accidents can lead to some of the most catastrophic injuries. In these cases, you should know what they are, how they happen, and how they impact your claim.

Brain/Head Injuries

A car accident can easily lead to a head injury or traumatic brain injury because the impact can cause a significant jolt. The impact may lead to your head hitting the vehicle’s frame, steering wheel, or dashboard, leading to long-term trauma.

Back/Spine Injuries

Back and spine injuries can be some of the worst when they are the most severe. For instance, a severe back injury can harm your spinal cord. If your nerves in your spinal cord experience damage, it can lead to paralysis. In some situations, you may lose functionality in your lower limbs. However, in the worst-case scenario, you can suffer quadriplegia, which impacts all four limbs.

Neck Injuries

A neck injury in a car accident is most commonly referred to as whiplash. It is one of the more common injuries because it can happen in nearly any kind of accident. The rapid movement of your head from one direction to the next can lead to long-term and significant problems.

Broken Bones

Most people tense up when they expect an accident. Unfortunately, this often leads to people suffering significant harm, including broken bones. It’s better to relax—as hard as it may seem—because your body will be less vulnerable.

Any injury you sustain should be compensated when someone else’s actions cause you harm. You need someone on your side who can help you recognize your rights through some of the more complicated legal situations.

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