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What Do I Do if My Neck Aches After a Crash?

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A neck ache is one of the more common occurrences after a crash. Unfortunately, many people write this off too quickly, chalking it up to a random sore that will go away. This thought process is dangerous, though, and any delay can negatively impact your ability to obtain compensation.

Neck pain can indicate a much bigger problem and taking the necessary steps to move forward with your claim is vital. Below, we’ll explain some of the most important things you should do when you experience a neck ache following a crash.

Tell Your Insurance Company About Your Injury

Insurance adjusters are going to ask if you suffered an injury in an accident. Make sure you mention your neck ache, even if you feel it’s something that will go away. If you dismiss your neck ache, insurance adjusters will claim that you didn’t report an accident early on and they may not consider it when providing compensation.

Get Medical Care

Make sure you prioritize your health. Getting medical care is vital because your medical report will show just how severe your injuries are and how much they impact your life. Even more, you can start to recover from your injuries with proper treatment options.

Understand the extent of your injuries. The more severe your injuries, the more you may recover for your damages.

Prepare for Potential Latency Issues

Neck aches can have some issues regarding latency, meaning you may only feel a small ache at the time, but it can become much worse over time. You shouldn’t dismiss any pain because they can change and require ongoing medical care.

Fortunately, you have rights after an accident. Obtaining compensation is vital to your ongoing recovery, and our Jackson car accident attorneys recognize your needs. At 'MAGGIO LAW, we put you first. Let us be your advocates to hold negligence accountable on your behalf.

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