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What Are Normal Side Effects of a Paragard IUD?

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For decades now, women have turned IUDs as their preferred form of contraceptive. It is an effective method, as long as the IUD is implanted correctly and the manufacturer has not encountered any errors. However, in some situations, defects exist, and they can cause some of the most significant damages.

One specific contraceptive, the Paragard IUD, has a history of causing severe problems. It’s crucial to recognize which side effects exist and how they can impact your quality of life. Below, we’ll explain some of the side effects and complications you may encounter, so you know your options.

Device Migration

Device migration occurs when the IUD moves from its intended location within your reproductive organs. It can cause severe problems in certain parts of the body, including pelvic pain. If you experience device migration, you need to see a medical professional right away.

Device Fracture

If the IUD breaks inside your uterus, it can be problematic to other organs and to your uterus. A fractured device can lead to uterus perforation, scarring, and organ damage. Some of the symptoms may include excessive bleeding and severe pain.


Depending on the material of the IUD or where it may migrate, you may experience a dangerous infection. Infections in your reproductive system can lead to long-term problems or even fatal damages if left without treatment.

Unfortunately, there have been thousands of reports regarding the Paragard IUD and the harm this contraceptive has caused women. If you suffer harm, you can pursue compensation for the damages you sustain, including medical expenses, lost income, and more.

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