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Identifying Drunk Drivers Around the Holidays

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At this time of the year, several dangers exist. One of the more common issues is drunk driving. Many people celebrate the holidays with their loved ones, which often includes drinking. You would hope that these individuals would be safe, but that’s not always the case.

Drunk driving is one of the biggest issues, and it’s vital to stay safe. It helps to know how to identify a drunk driver, how to stay safe, and what you should do if you suffer a crash with a drunk driver.

Identifying a Drunk Driver

Here are some signs you should look out for on the road:

  • Drivers swerving and cutting over on lanes
  • Drivers at night who don’t have their headlights on
  • Drivers braking for no reason
  • Drivers going faster than the speed limit

If you notice any of the signs, make sure you know how to stay safe. The two most important things you can do are:

  • Contact local law enforcement and report the driver you suspect to be drunk. An officer can make a traffic stop to help prevent an accident.
  • Stay away from the drunk driver. Don’t attempt to pass them because they may swerve into your lane and crash into your vehicle.

After a Crash with a Drunk Driver

If you experience a severe crash and believe the driver is drunk, it’s crucial to know what to do. Be careful when approaching the situation because you may not be sure if they are hostile. Contact law enforcement immediately after the crash to intervene and assess the situation.

At 'MAGGIO LAW, we put your needs first. We believe that pursuing legal action against drunk drivers is one of the most effective ways to put a stop to this type of negligence. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care when it matters most. Our Jackson car accident attorneys are here when you need us most.

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