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Halloween Safety Tips

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It’s that time of the year again when kids dress up and seek out bundles of candy for Halloween. However, it’s also a dangerous time because some drivers don’t pay attention to the road as they should. As a parent, it’s crucial to ensure your children are safe. Here are some safety tips that you can follow as a family to avoid severe harm.

Plan Ahead of Time

As a parent, you should accompany young children throughout the neighborhood. However, you should also ensure that you plan ahead and create a route that you can follow. If you have older children going out on their own, the plan should be for a route that keeps them as safe as possible. Avoid highly congested roads where crashes are more likely to occur.

Remember to Stay Visible

While your children may want to wear dark and spooky costumes, this type of clothing can make them more difficult to see when the sun goes down. Encourage your children to use bright clothing or use flashlights to stay visible to motorists.

Use Crosswalks

Never cross in the middle of the road. Always ensure that you and your children cross at designated stop signs or intersections. Drivers don’t expect pedestrians to cross without proper signs indicating it’s okay to do so. As such, they can crash into pedestrians and cause some of the most severe injuries.

Put Away Electronic Devices

Just as motorists should pay attention to the road, pedestrians should do the same. If you’re walking for Halloween, you and your children should put devices away so that you can focus on passing vehicles. When you’re focused on drivers, you can recognize signs of negligence and prevent intersection accidents and more dangers.

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