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10 Things You Need to Know About Filing a Car Accident Claim

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It can be daunting if you have to file a car accident claim. You’re already dealing with your physical limitations and mental anguish, and seeking financial compensation should not feel like a challenge. Unfortunately, the process can be a challenge, and you should know your rights before moving through a claim.

Our team at 'MAGGIO LAW aims to help you through the process. As such, we explain some of the most important things to know about filing a claim so that you understand how to safeguard your rights better. We’ve got you covered.

The most important things to know include:

  1. Filing a car accident claim is vital
  2. It helps to hire a lawyer
  3. Time is of the essence
  4. It’s crucial to be wary of paperwork
  5. You can obtain compensation in more than one way
  6. Proving liability has four factors
  7. Auto insurance companies can be difficult to work with
  8. Compensation comes in multiple forms
  9. Time limits exist
  10. You might be able to start your case at no cost to you

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Filing a Car Accident Claim Is Vital

So many people worry about filing a claim. Some people who cause an accident may also offer to settle the case without getting insurance companies involved. Attempting to handle things without filing a claim can result in you receiving a lot less than you deserve.

Filing a claim helps you accomplish numerous things:

  • You can obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.
  • You can hold negligence accountable.
  • You can discourage other situations from arising.

Before moving forward, though, you should start by getting representation.

It Helps to Hire a Lawyer

By hiring a lawyer at the beginning of the process, you safeguard your rights moving forward. Having a lawyer gives you access to several resources and years of experience dealing with insurance companies that often try to limit how much they pay out for compensation.

A lawyer will be able to explain your rights and options every step of the way.

Time Is of the Essence

Timing matters after a crash. It’s crucial to do everything after a crash in a timely manner to protect your rights. For instance, you should seek medical care soon after the crash. You should call a lawyer as soon as possible and meet any deadlines necessary to protect yourself moving forward. The quicker you act, the less time insurance companies have to try and take advantage of your rights.

It’s Crucial to Be Wary of Paperwork

Insurance companies might try to send you paperwork regarding your accident. Before you sign anything, though, consult with your lawyer. You need to be sure that what you’re signing will not hurt your case. A lawyer will review all paperwork to determine if it’s safe for you to sign and what you can do to avoid problems moving forward.

You Can Obtain Compensation In More Than One Way

Obtaining compensation can be done in multiple ways. The first way is through a settlement from the insurance company. Insurance companies offer settlements based on how they perceive your losses, but your lawyer can work to seek the maximum compensation that might be available to you. You might also be able to file a lawsuit if the policy limits don’t cover your losses.

A lawsuit might be necessary if insurance adjusters offer you much less than you deserve.

Proving Liability Has Four Factors

The four factors of proving liability are:

  • Showing a duty of care
  • Showing that someone breached the duty of care
  • Showing that the breach of duty caused the crash
  • Showing that the crash resulted in damages

Auto Insurance Companies Can Be Difficult to Work With

Insurance adjusters often look to limit how much they need to pay. Claims threaten their profits, so they might not be the easiest to work with during a claim. You shouldn’t discuss your claim with them alone. Instead, hire a lawyer to manage the aspects of your claim with your best interests in mind.

Compensation Comes In Multiple Forms

Compensation often comes in economic and non-economic forms. Economic compensation covers your monetary losses, while non-economic compensation covers your pain and suffering. Proving the total value of your losses often means hiring legal counsel who is willing to put your best interests first against others who might not care for your claim.

Time Limits Exist

In car accident claims, time limits exist. Statutes of limitations limit how long you have to file claims to pursue compensation. It’s vital to work quickly because if you don’t meet those time limits, you might not be able to pursue compensation for your damages.

You Might Be Able to Start Your Case At No Cost to You

Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency fees after a car accident. This means that you can start your case without paying out of pocket. Instead, the attorney is paid out of the compensation you might recover as part of your case. You pay a percentage of what you win, and nothing comes out of pocket.

At 'MAGGIO LAW, you’ll find Jackson car accident attorneys who work on your behalf to maximize results. We care about providing the highest level of legal counsel to help you move forward following a devastating car accident. Allow our team to stand in your corner when it matters most.

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