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Left-Turn Accidents Involving Pedestrians

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One of the biggest dangers that pedestrians face on the road is the left turn. It’s one of the times when drivers are the most impatient and may not be looking out for people walking in the crosswalk. There are many factors involved that can cause a left-turn pedestrian accident, so it’s vital to recognize negligence to prove liability.

Below, we will discuss the biggest issues with left turns and how they cause significant collisions.

Causes of Left-Turn Accidents

It’s unfortunate, but a left-hand turn can cause some severe injuries as the driver makes their turn and accelerates out of it to continue driving. For one reason or another, the driver may not see the pedestrian until it is too late. Here are three reasons that this may happen:

  • Impatience: Drivers making left turns without a green turn signal typically yield to other vehicles coming in the opposite direction. However, some drivers try to beat the clock and turn before the other vehicle reaches the intersection. As a result, they can strike a pedestrian in the crosswalk.
  • Inexperience: Some other drivers may not know the right of way and how long they should wait before making their turn. Drivers cannot predict a pedestrian’s actions and vice versa, so understanding the right of way is crucial to safety.
  • Inattention: Because drivers often yield before making their turn, they’re focused on the cars coming toward them. They may not look to the crosswalk to see if there’s a pedestrian. If they turn left without looking, it can cause severe harm.

Right Of Way Understanding

Drivers must recognize the right of way, not just when it comes to other vehicles but pedestrians too. A pedestrian crossing the street at a legally marked or unmarked crosswalk has the right of way. As such, drivers should wait for the pedestrian to be out of harm’s way before turning. The safest way to operate is to ensure the pedestrian has crossed out of any potential point of collision before turning.

If you suffer injuries as a pedestrian because of a negligent driver, we want to help. Our Jackson pedestrian accident lawyers at 'MAGGIO LAW are ready to stand in your corner and help you seek the most favorable outcome possible. Trust us to give you a voice against negligent parties who may cause you harm.

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