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How a Severe Fracture Is a Catastrophic Injury

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A severe fracture is a catastrophic injury. It happens when there is a lot of force exerted on a bone, causing it to break. The most common type of severe fracture is a compound fracture, where the bone breaks through the skin. These types of fractures are very serious and can lead to life-threatening infections.

Sometimes, a severe fracture can also damage nerves or blood vessels. This can cause permanent disability or even death. Severe fractures usually require surgery to fix, and the recovery process can be long and painful. For some people, a severe fracture can be a life-changing event.

When the Broken Bone Severs a Nerve or Artery

A broken bone can cause serious damage to the surrounding tissues, including nerves and arteries. If a nerve is cut, it may not be able to repair itself and will need to be replaced. Arteries, on the other hand, can often heal on their own but may require surgery to reconnect the severed ends.

When an Infection Occurs Because of a Broken Bone

In rare cases, a broken bone can lead to a life-threatening condition called compartment syndrome. This happens when blood flow to the muscles is restricted. Infections that occur because of a broken bone are serious but can be treated with antibiotics.

The most common type of infection is called osteomyelitis. It occurs when bacteria enter the bone through a break in the skin or through surgery. Osteomyelitis can damage the bone and surrounding tissues.

When the Fracture Punctures Through the Skin

There are three types of open fractures: simple, compound, and comminuted. A simple open fracture has a clean break in the bone with minimal soft tissue damage. A compound fracture has a clean break in the bone with significant soft tissue damage. The more severe the damage to tissue, the more catastrophic the injury.

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