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Common Mistakes People Make When Speaking to Their Doctor

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An injury is never easy to endure, but seeking medical care and following up with a doctor can help you in the aftermath of a crash. Unfortunately, when discussing the crash and injuries with a doctor, people make some mistakes that result in their claim experiencing significantly negative effects. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make and you should avoid.

Not Providing Accurate Statements About the Accident

When you speak with a doctor, they’ll commonly ask you “what happened” or “how did you suffer your injuries?” Before anything else, remember that you should only provide facts. Never exaggerate your symptoms or the incident. You can’t determine the other car’s speed or the exact reason for negligence, so stick with what you know.

Talking About the Lawsuit

Your attorney can speak with your doctor about the legalities if it is necessary. However, you shouldn’t discuss the case with them and ask them to provide a testimony on your behalf. Even more, remember that what you say is on record, and insurance companies may use your statements against you.

Failing to Comply with Treatment

Your doctor will provide you with treatment options so that you can focus on your recovery. One of the worst things you can do is proceed without listening to the doctor’s recommendations. If your doctor orders you to avoid physical activity, that’s exactly what you should do.

Your doctor is imperative to your case. Mistakes you make can significantly and negatively impact your claim.

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