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Injuries and Latency Issues

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When you suffer a crash, you may also suffer some of the most severe injuries. However, several issues can arise that impact your compensation claim. One thing to know is that some injuries can have latency issues, and you may not experience the effects of your injury until days or weeks after the crash occurs.

Protecting yourself whenever this happens is of the utmost importance, so here’s some advice that you can follow immediately after an accident.

Seek Medical Care Quickly

We know it feels weird seeking medical care if you don’t feel pain. However, you never know how bad your injury is until you receive a proper diagnosis. Latency issues create a problem with how severe your injuries are, but a doctor can clarify what issues you may have.

You can also start getting treatment for your injuries. You never want to delay when following doctor’s orders, so be sure to start treatment as soon as possible.

Tell Insurance Adjusters You Will Seek Medical Care

We encourage you to speak with a lawyer before speaking with the insurance company. However, when latency issues exist, it’s easy to believe that this is a simple claim that can be handled without the need for legal counsel. If you do speak with insurance adjusters, make sure you tell them that you intend to seek medical treatment.

Never claim that you didn’t suffer an injury. If you don’t seek medical care or tell insurance companies you didn’t get hurt, they might try to deny your claim. They may also claim that your injury is from a separate incident, and you may not be able to collect what you rightfully deserve.

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