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Does a Traffic Ticket Determine Fault After an Accident?

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Because car accidents often involve many forms of negligence, it’s not uncommon to see law enforcement officers at the accident scene. One party may receive a traffic ticket for their actions, but would that always indicate fault?

Just because someone receives a citation, it won’t automatically sway a decision regarding fault. However, it can serve as a tool that your legal team can use on your behalf to pursue the compensation you deserve following a collision.

Why a Traffic Ticket May Be Administered

A traffic ticket may be given to someone who was also guilty of breaking the law when the crash occurred. For instance, a driver may get a ticket for running a red light or stop sign. However, tickets are not always relevant to the accident or its causes.

Just because someone received a ticket doesn’t mean they are at fault. It solely means that the person broke a traffic law, and you would need a lawyer to help identify fault.

A lawyer can help show the correlation between a ticket and cause if the other driver is responsible for your harm. For instance, if the other driver received a ticket for speeding, a lawyer could work to show that speeding was the cause of the crash that led to you suffering severe harm. On the opposite end, you can work with a lawyer to show that you may not have been at fault even if you received a ticket.

If a case goes to trial, the jury may not consider a ticket as a determination of fault.

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