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3 Photos You Need to Take After a Car Accident

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In the aftermath of a negligence-related crash, you should take specific photos to help build your case. The photos you take can safeguard your claim. Below, our team will detail some of the pictures you should take to avoid problems when building your claim. The more photos you take, the more it can help your claim.

The Accident Scene

It’s often not enough to take photos of just the vehicle. You can benefit from taking photos of the accident scene. Make sure to take clear photos of the areas surrounding your crash because they may show signs of negligence to help build your case. For instance, take pictures of:

  • The roads if they show tire marks caused by the other drivers speeding and slamming their brakes
  • Road signs that indicate negligence (e.g., a 2-way stop sign showing that you had the right of way)
  • Hidden or missing road signs that would have contributed to the crash occurring

The Vehicle Damage

Take photos of the vehicles involved (all vehicles, if multiple are involved). Make sure to show the damage you experience and the positioning of the cars. One of the resources you might receive once you hire a lawyer is access to an accident reconstructionist. Showing vehicle positioning can help you prove that the other driver was the negligent party who caused the crash.

The Visible Injuries

Take pictures of any visible injuries you and your passengers may have sustained. Bruises, lacerations, and broken bones are most often the visible injuries you might sustain. Still, it’s crucial to seek medical care for all injuries as some may be internal and others may not manifest for a few hours or days.

At 'MAGGIO LAW, we compile the evidence to build a strong case on your behalf. Our Jackson car accident attorneys provide you with the highest level of support during one of the most difficult times in your life. We’ll be there for you through it all.

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