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Safety Tips for All Pedestrians

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Pedestrians are often at risk of the most severe injuries whenever they’re on the road. As such, they must take specific precautions to stay safe from the damage that a motorist may cause them. Our team is here to provide you with some safety tips as a pedestrian to help keep you free from severe and catastrophic harm.

Avoid Walking at Night or In Dark Clothing

Visibility is important, especially when a pedestrian needs to stay safe. It’s vital for pedestrians to avoid walking in dark clothes. If possible, wear bright clothing if you’re walking through the city at night. You can increase your visibility by walking in well-lit areas.

Make Eye Contact With the Driver

If you’re crossing the street and a vehicle is approaching, attempt to make eye contact with them. If you can see their eyes, you know that they see you. If the driver is not looking in your direction, it could mean that they’re distracted and may cause you severe injury in a collision.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phone

Sight and hearing can keep you safe. Unfortunately, many pedestrians begin crossing the street with headphones on or while staring at their phones. When a pedestrian is distracted, they may not recognize when signs change or when they shouldn’t cross the street. Before you cross the street, take off your headphones and put your phone in your pocket.

Use Legal Crosswalks

For pedestrians to have the right of way, they should use legal crosswalks. Walking out in front of a vehicle would make it so that the pedestrian is at a higher risk of injury. Cross where legal and pay close attention to what drivers may be doing.

At 'MAGGIO LAW, we make it a point to protect those who suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Our Jackson pedestrian accident lawyers are here to help you. Trust our team to be there for you when it matters most.

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