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Who Has the Right of Way: Cyclists or Pedestrians?

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One of the biggest factors when determining who is liable for a crash of any kind is the right of way. Determining who has the right of way in an accident can give legal professionals the evidence and tools necessary to pursue compensation. But who has the right of way when the accident is cyclist vs. pedestrian?

It’s important to remember that cyclists and pedestrians have laws and rules that they must follow. These often determine who has the right of way.

Crossing the Street

Cyclists who are riding on the street should yield to stop signs and traffic lights as other drivers would. This means that if a pedestrian is crossing the street, the cyclist must wait for them and ensure they’re giving the pedestrian the right of way.

On the Sidewalk

Cyclists should avoid riding on the sidewalk wherever possible. If there’s a situation in which the cyclist must ride on the sidewalk, they should watch for pedestrians and slow down as they pass them. Pedestrians would have the right of way to prevent pedestrians from suffering severe harm.

In Bicycle Lanes

Bicycle lanes are specifically for bicyclists. Pedestrians should avoid walking in bike lanes, especially if they suddenly walk into the lane. A bicyclist can travel at a good amount of speed, so a collision can be devastating for a pedestrian. Pedestrians must recognize when they need to yield to cyclists to avoid harm.

The right of way is a vital aspect of safety. When everyone on the road recognizes who has the right of way, it can keep everyone safe. Should someone ignore the right of way laws, it can lead to a severe injury.

At 'MAGGIO LAW, we put the injured first. We take extra care to determine who is liable after an accident and seek maximum compensation when our clients need it most. You can count on our Jackson pedestrian accident attorneys to be there for you through the thick of it all.

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