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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is an important term used by medical professionals and insurance companies to refer to a patient's health status. It suggests that no further progress, for better or for worse, is possible as per the current level of treatment and care. This means that the patient's condition has stabilized to the point where no further treatment or recovery can be expected from it.

Typically, this occurs when a patient has recovered from an injury as much as possible, or when their condition has plateaued after a certain period of treatment. Insurance companies use MMI to determine a patient's eligibility for disability benefits, while medical practitioners use it to indicate if a patient should continue with rehabilitation therapy or not. Ultimately, MMI can be defined as an endpoint in a person's healthcare journey; one which allows them and their doctors to assess the situation and move on accordingly.

How Does Maximum Medical Improvement Impact a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is an important part of a workers’ compensation claim. While MMI may contribute to the overall financial costs incurred by the claim, it can also be an essential factor in determining how benefits are administered. It is based on the concept that the injured worker’s condition has stabilized and that any further physical improvements from their injury will not be achieved through additional medical treatments.

When this evaluation is completed, changes may need to be made to the worker’s current assessment and benefit eligibility, based on a new level of functioning. For example, if MMI determines that a worker could resume lesser duties than before their injury then his/her full-time salary benefits may be reduced but such adjustments are ultimately done in order to protect the injured employee's best interests.

Can You Get a Second Opinion for Your Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is a critical determination in any personal injury case. When someone has reached MMI, it typically marks the conclusion of their medical treatment for that particular injury. If you and your lawyer don't think the insurance company's opinion about your MMI is correct, it may be beneficial to get a second opinion on the matter.

A second doctor can oftentimes provide insight and opinions that challenge an insurance company's views, which, if accurate, could be used to help establish a higher settlement amount or obtain more appropriate benefits from them. Hiring an independent specialist to review your situation might be a good option as they can provide not just additional medical advice, but also represent your best interests throughout the process.

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