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Truck Accidents

Gulfport Truck Accident Lawyers

Big Rig Accidents & Big, Big Settlements

Trucking companies hate losing truck accident claims, which is why they are always worried when they see that ‘Maggio | Thompson, LLP is representing a new claimant. Our Gulfport truck accident attorneys know what to do to confidently go head-to-head with trucking companies and the insurance corporations that often insure them. We are ready to fight because our clients need us to be. Trucking accidents cause catastrophic injuries most of the time, so big settlements or verdicts need to follow.

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Three Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The mistake the truck driver did to cause your truck accident is important. We will want to prove that it happened because of their negligence to establish liability. In Mississippi, the greater the other party is liable for your damages, the more money you can demand in compensation.

Three things truck drivers often do that cause or contribute to crashes are:

  1. Drive while tired: Truck drivers can be scheduled to stay behind the wheel for 11 hours in a 14-hour shift as part of a 70-hour workweek. As you can imagine, exhaustion can set in several hours into a shift, creating a terribly dangerous situation. Many safety groups recognize that fatigued driving can cause similar reaction time, attention, and steering issues as intoxicated driving.
  2. Speed: Rather than being paid by the hour, truck drivers are most often paid by the mile driven. To increase their paycheck while decreasing the length of their shifts, some truck drivers are tempted to break the posted speed limit and speed. Heavy vehicles take much longer to come to a complete stop than lighter vehicles, so speeding in a tractor-trailer is even more dangerous than it might initially seem.
  3. Overload the trailer: Incorrectly loaded trailers are big problems that hide in plain sight because other drivers can’t see what is happening inside a closed trailer. When a truck takes a tight turn, brakes suddenly, or drives on a banked turn, a top-heavy trailer can tip over and crush cars in adjacent lanes. Even a strong wind can hit the side of a trailer like a sail and push it over if it is top-heavy.

Severe Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

The weight and size of a commercial truck are two factors that make trucking accidents incredibly dangerous and highly likely to cause catastrophic injuries. A smaller vehicle can do little to protect its occupants when hit by a much larger and much heavier big rig.

Truck accident victims might suffer the following life-changing injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Permanent disfigurements

As your chosen Gulfport truck accident attorneys, we will be dedicated to securing as much compensation as possible for you, which requires us to fully understand and acknowledge the extent of your injuries. We often like to work closely with medical professionals to get a clearer picture as to what to expect from a client’s injuries. For example, if your back injury will likely prevent you from conducting any sort of manual labor for the rest of your life, then we want to hear about it from a medical expert who can back that claim up with medical records and testimonies. Only when we have a stronger sense of your injuries and their consequences can we file the strongest possible claim in pursuit of maximized compensation.

We Handle Truck Accident Cases Day & Night

There is no bad time to reach out to ‘Maggio | Thompson, LLP and speak with our Gulfport truck accident lawyers about what happened. We work diligently to build our clients’ claims to their fullest potentials. Unless we secure every single penny possible in your name, we won’t be satisfied!

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