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Why Do Some Semi-Trucks Have Spikes on Their Wheels?

Why Do Some Semi-Trucks Have Spikes on Their Wheels?

Have you ever been minding your business on the highway when suddenly you noticed the semi-truck in the next lane was trying to poke you with gigantic spikes coming out of its wheels? If you’re like most drivers, you probably don’t know if those truck tire spikes are supposed to scare you, look cool, or do something else entirely.

You might be surprised to find that tire spikes on big rigs actually serve a practical purpose: they’re lug nut covers. The next time you see a tractor-trailer parked in a parking lot, take a look at the tire spikes and you will notice that they are positioned over each lug nut, which protects them from water, snow, dust, debris, etc. that could otherwise damage and corrode them. The spike-shape is surprisingly efficient at tossing off bits of dirt, ice, and whatnot, making it very difficult for problematic substances to build-up on the spike and the lug nut underneath.

Are truck tire spikes cool or practical? Yes to both, actually.

Are Truck Tire Spikes Dangerous?

Seeing a big rig’s tire spikes getting closer to your vehicle can be downright intimidating. But should you be worried and try to avoid them? No, truck tire spikes are unlikely to be dangerous to you, but they could scratch your car.

Most truck tire spikes are made of one aluminum alloy or another, but none of them are noticeably strong. If the truck were to slowly ease into your lane and the spinning spikes were to come into contact with your vehicle, your car door would likely get scratched a bit before the spikes crumpled. It would be highly unexpected for the spikes to be able to penetrate much of anything, especially not part of your car.

However, the intimidation factor of truck tire spikes is intentional. They are meant to catch your attention and deter you from staying close to a truck’s blind spots, which are the worst on either side of the truck and trailer. If your instinct is to back away and give the big rig more space, then the spikes are doing their job as designed.

Were you in a truck accident that was caused by a truck driver who didn’t check to see if your vehicle was in a blind spot? Whether the truck had tire spikes or not, the trucker owes you a duty of care, and you could have a valid accident claim to discuss with an attorney. If you live in Jackson, Mississippi, please call ‘MAGGIO Law at (601) 265-6869 to schedule a FREE consultation with our truck accident lawyers.

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