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UBER Car Accident Lawyers

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Uber is a service that seemed to explode in popularity in a rather short amount of time; it’s one of many rideshare solutions that allow people to find quick rides around town in a matter of minutes for competitive prices. Because this type of business is still rather new, it’s often difficult to determine liability in the event of accidents and mishaps. Regardless of whether you were the driver or passenger in an Uber accident, you need guidance from trusted and experienced professionals when navigating the blurry legal process surrounding rideshare accident liability.

At ‘Maggio Law, we can help you seek compensation for your injuries and other damages incurred from the accident in question. We have the tools you need to challenge large companies like Uber, as well as insurance companies who might not be looking to protect your best interest.

How is Liability Determined in an Uber Accident?

Insurance coverage is routinely offered by rideshare programs to drivers who are injured in accidents whilst present and working via the app. In other words, the rideshare company’s insurance kicks in for the driver while they are waiting for passenger pick-up, in transit to the passenger, or currently taking the passenger to his/her destination. If the accident occurs during these times, compensation is possible through the rideshare company’s insurer, as well as through the driver’s personal insurer.

However, what happens if you’re involved in the accident as a passenger? This is where the process might become confusing. In the instance of the driver causing an accident, you might be eligible to make a claim with the rideshare company’s insurer. However, compensation for passengers in these situations is often not adequate. If another driver caused the accident, you might be able to make a claim with the third party’s insurer for compensation.

If the situation is complicated enough, you might find yourself needing to make claims with multiple entities. The average person is not experienced enough to handle this type of legal process, and unfortunately, he/she would lose these types of cases without legal aid. At ‘Maggio Law, we understand you might feel as though the odds are against you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. This is why we work around the clock to help many people in this same situation successfully overcome these types of complex cases.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect?

Each case is different, and the compensation to which you might be entitled will be dependent on a few things. For example, injury severity, fault, terms of the insurer(s), and other factors will all be taken into consideration. As soon as we begin work on your case, we’ll begin reviewing every detail of the incident to determine the best plan of attack. As we review your case, we’ll work to help you ultimately recover lost income, pay for past/future medical bills, compensate for emotional distress, pay for damages to property, and more.

Don’t wait another minute. We can be your voice in a difficult time, and we can help you obtain the compensation and comfort you deserve. Contact us at ‘MAGGIO LAW today.

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