3 Experts We Hire For Your Car Accident Case

Mar 10 2017

We are a Mississippi law firm dedicated to representing individuals here in Mississippi that have been injured by the negligence or wrong-doing of other people. A large part of our law practice is devoted to car accidents. I often get the question, “why should we hire you?” Here is why I’m a good fit to represent you and your interests. First, we are a very aggressive law firm. We are dedicated and aggressive when it comes to pushing your file. Two, we believe in maximizing case value. We have a core group of experts that we work with, and we are willing to spend money on your file to maximize value for you. There are 3 types of experts we hire routinely: First, are your medical doctors. We hire medical experts to render an opinion as to causation. Two, we hire accident reconstructionist to go back and rebuild the scene of your Mississippi car wreck to tell us who was at fault for your personal injury due to this accident. Three, we hire vocational experts to help us determine how your personal injury has affected your ability to earn a wage and earn a living. Always hire an aggressive and dedicated attorney, and always hire a personal injury attorney that is willing to spend the resources necessary to maximize the value on your claim.

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