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Common Injuries Occurring In Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrians never expect that they will be struck by a vehicle, but it happens more often than you may think. Unfortunately, people walking along the sidewalks and crosswalks are completely exposed to the actions of others. There’s no frame protecting pedestrians, nor is there safety clothing to keep a pedestrian from suffering catastrophic harm.

In a pedestrian accident, the pedestrian is the most vulnerable party. They suffer some of the worst injuries and require long-term care. It’s vital to seek compensation after a pedestrian accident because these are some of the injuries they may sustain.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Depending on how the pedestrian is struck and lands, they can hit their head on the vehicle or concrete. When such an impact occurs, it can cause a traumatic brain injury. Typically, TBIs are diagnosed as mild, moderate, or severe. A mild TBI may include a concussion, while more severe TBIs can result in seizures or a coma.

Spine Injuries

Spine injuries can include something like a bulging or herniated disc. However, in the most severe cases, spine injuries can also involve damage to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is responsible for sending messages throughout the entire body, and damage to it could limit body function. This is how paralysis occurs and why so many people are unable to use their bodies from the point of injury and below.

Broken Bones

Like any impact, a pedestrian accident can cause the person walking to suffer broken bones. In the most severe cases, the bone may puncture through the skin. These are the most catastrophic broken bones because they can increase the risk of infection, require surgery to heal, and potentially lead to long-term pain.

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